CineGraph - Lexikon zum deutschsprachigen Film


CineGraph is a biographical and filmographical encyclopaedia, covering all categories of film-makers (directors, actors, technicians, publicists etc.) in the German speaking cinema (pre-war Germany, German Federal Republic, German Democratic Republic, Austria, Switzerland) from the beginnings to the present. Also included are immigrants (e.g. the Hungrian Géza Bolvàry/Geza von Bolvary, who spent a significant part of his career in Germany) and emigrés (e.g. Wilhelm/Wlliam Dieterle, successful in Germany as an actor and in Hollywood as a director), whose work is covered in its entirety.

CineGraph consists of two types of entry: DATA SHEETS and detailed ARTICLES.

A DATA SHEET consists of a biographical outline, a list of major awards, a bibliographical sketch and a filmography. The filmography contains in chronological order all known films with the following details: year and country of production, original title, German title (where appropriate), director, function of the person concerned, and additional notes.

An ARTICLE consists of a detailed biography, a list of awards, a select bibliography, a detailed filmography and an essay. The extent of the filmographic data for each film is determined by the function of the person concerned. In all cases the following are included; in other cases details are restricted to the area of work in question.

Contrary statements from different sources have - where they could not be unambiguously checked - been followed in accordance with experience of the reliability of the source; in individual cases several versions are given.

With all the filmographies our aim has been completeness: occasionally - for all too familiar reasons, and especially in the case of television - this may not be attainable.

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